Presentation Guide

Deadline of Video Submission
August 23rd, 2020

Notification for oral presentation video submission

  • ① An adoption video running time is 5 minutes.
  • ② After the video playback, there will be a live Q&A time for 3 minute. we will send you the link
  • ③ Please save your video file name as "Session No. Name. e.g. "Free Paper A1_No2_Jeongjin Oh."
  • ④ You can find the instruction for making a video via following download button.
  • ⑤ After making a video, please upload your video on webhard -> Login -> ID : khs201819, PW : ickhs2020 -> Upload your video
  • ⑥ Please Keep the deadline and the running time.

Deadline for presentation
August 23rd, 2020
- The online submission will be closed on the website after midnight of deadline.

Notification for Poster Submission

  • ① The official language for Poster is English
  • ② Display ratio should be 16:9 (width: height /.PDF)
  • ③ The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation
  • ④ Poster should possess a clear and concise title with a presenter, co-authors, and institutional affiliations
  • ⑤ Graphs and diagrams often convey a lot more than just words, as long as they are clear and simple
  • ⑥ You can make your poster with Microsoft PowerPoint within 6 pages including title page.
  • ⑦ After then convert that file to PDF
  • ⑧ Please save your poster file name as "Poster No. Name. e.g. "Poster-01_Jeongjin Oh."
  • ⑨ After making a poster, please upload your poster on webhard -> Login -> ID : khs201819, PW : ickhs2020 -> Upload your poster
  • ⑩ Please Keep the deadline.